It's freezing here in NYC so I found a way to cheat the elements and indulge in some warm weather by trekking to the Bronx of all places (LOL) to enjoy a spring day and take in the vivid and vibrant sights at the New York Botanical Garden to see the illustrious The Orchid Show: Thailand!

I went to Thailand about two years ago (see the posts here, here and here) and it was one of the best trips of my life so I jumped at the opportunity to get a taste of it again without a long 24 hour flight! 

It was as gorgeous as expected and I was also excited to blend into the flowers with my favorite pastel pieces. Now that spring is officially upon us I'm ready to break out my light weight jackets and pastel color skirts and dresses. My go-to is my favorite BCBG Maxazria pink trench. I got it ages ago but its a classic piece that I love to break out during the warmer months.

Trench: BCBGMAXAZRIA (similar here) I Top: Signorelli I Skirt: H&M (old) I Shoes: ASOS (similar here)

The Orchid Show is going on until April 9th. If you're in the area check it out! Also in the comments below let me know your favorite pastel looks for spring.

Photography by Jac'leen Smith.


It may finally be spring but it still feels like winter in NYC! So until the flowers start blooming and the temps go up I'm still pulling out my sweaters and this one is my favorite. I'm a big fan of texture and graphics with clothing so I find myself gravitating towards chunky knits and mixed patterns and that's why I LOVE this Yigal Azrouël cropped sweater. 

Sweater: Yigal Arzouël (old but I love this and this) I Jeans: Uniqlo I Boots: Steve Madden  I Sunnies: Ray-Ban

I've had it for a long time and it never seems to go out of style so I couldn't think of a better way to showcase it than the classic architecture of the Brooklyn Academy of Music aka BAM building.  I saw this gorgeous staircase and couldn't imagine a better backdrop.

If you're in Brooklyn or planning a visit to the area soon, stop by BAM for a show you won't regret it!

I'm not Irish (in case you couldn't tell) but I do enjoy any and all celebratory holidays and since St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow I thought I'd start a little early by venturing to my favorite beer garden in Fort Greene, Black Forest Brooklyn to drink a pint and/or a pretty cocktail.

Black Forest Brooklyn was started by married couple, Ayana and Tobias Holler, who both grew up in the rural Black Forest region of Germany but never crossed paths until they met here in Brooklyn years later. Cute right? So I realize that this isn't an Irish pub but what does that have to do with anything. I'm sporting my favorite green Who What Wear collection bomber and I'm drinking to celebrate St. Patrick! It still counts :)

Ok, once again maybe instead of swinging back a pint or some whiskey I decided to indulge in a pretty cocktail called the Das Fräulein. It's a lavender infused gin concoction with a gorgeous presentation, but don't let this pretty lady fool you its like 90% gin so I was totally feeling the effects. 

See... (haha)

What goes better with strong drinks? More carbs! My friend and photographer, Jac'leen Smith gorged on fries and a large pretzel. Check out there full menu here.

I wish you all a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day and if you're in the area come by Black Forest Brooklyn its a great spot and the staff is beyond sweet.

Be bold in black 'n white! I'm mixing it up with my favorite button down and pants along with my vintage flight jacket while exploring Brooklyn's own Academy of Music aka BAM.

I love the structure and style of the BAM building and of course there's the amazing operas, films, theatrical performances and concerts that happen daily. So I would definitely recommend anyone who lives in the area or visiting to check it out! Then as an extra treat right across the street there is a vibrant mural by one of my favorite artist, KAWS. It was the perfect way to spend the day especially since by the time you read this Brooklyn will be buried in snow!

I'm obsessed with this colorful KAWS mural for BAM paired with David Byrne "Bold wink" bike rack.

 Jacket: Vintage  I Shirt: H&M (old but I love this and this) I Pants: Yigal Azrouel (love this pair) I Boots: Vince Camuto

What are your favorite monochromatic looks? Tell me in the comments below.

*Photography by Jac'leen Smith.


Daytime Skincare:
Cleanser: Cetaphil I Toner: Dickinson's I Essential Oil: Measurable Difference Rose Hip Oil I Eye Gel: Retinol I Face Mist: Caudalíe

Today I'm sharing my skincare routine for both day & night! I've become a bit of a skincare nut in the past few years. Living in New York can be harsh on your skin, especially your face from constant contact with city pollution and changing weather. With all that in mind I started researching different skincare options and came up with a plethora of options all ranging in price and as much as I would love to get Crème de la Mer or Dior Restorative Crème I don't have that in the budget. So I took a different route and headed to my local drugstore and found the equivalent to my pricier choices.

My morning routine skincare routine is so important to me, I will not leave my house without taking care of my face first.

-  First I start with a Cetaphil cleanser, I love how light and clean my face feels each time I use it.
- After I apply Dickinson's Toner, its great for cleaning off any residual dirt
- Then its time to moisturize! I love essential oils, especially Rose oil (read all about that in my last post Rosy Disposition)
- I finish it off with my retinol eye gel. 
- Then sometimes I'll mist some Caudalíe beauty elixir, after I apply some highlighter and lipstick and head out the door.

Nighttime Skincare:
 Lipstick: Tom Ford

Washing my face at night was something that took me a while to get into. I'm usually tired so I just do a quick wash and head straight to bed but I realized this is probably the MOST important part of my day. 

I can't stress enough the importance of not sleeping with makeup on! Think about how much you do in a day, how many things you come in contact with -- that was enough for me to know the importance of really cleaning my face.

-  First I take off the makeup with Micellar cleansing wipes.
- Then I'll apply Pond's Cream Cleanser (an oldie but goodie) it's also great for washing off makeup. 
- After my face is cleansed I move on to applying my retinol one to my full face and the other for under the eye. 
- Finally I lather on my Neutrogena moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated and soft through out the night.

I've actually come to love doing this day + night skincare routine. I know it seems like a lot but it's so easy and has become so ingrained in my daily routine that I don't even think about it and I can honestly say my skin has benefited from it. It's a special time for me, where I can take the time to pamper myself and relax either before my day starts or unwinding at the end of a long day. 

What are your beauty routines? Let me know below and let me know any of your favorite beauty on a  budget finds. I'm always looking for more things to try.

Edie's Closet - Celebrate National Cereal Day with KITH Treats

Trix ain't just for kids! That also goes for Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, Cookie Crisp and all the rest of your favorite sugary cereals. They're for everyone no matter your age and for today - National Cereal Day - I decided to take advantage at KITH Treats!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with KITH, it's a popular sneaker store that also sells both men and women's apparel, boots, sportswear, etc. The owner Ronnie Fieg opened KITH Treats around a year after KITH hit the scene making it New York City's first sneaker/cereal shop.

Edie's Closet - Celebrate National Cereal Day with KITH Treats

So in keeping with the sneaker culture I chose one of the coveted items on the menu, the Cereal Box Set, where you can enjoy your favorite flavors in a KITH shoe box! This delicious concoction involves choosing two types of cereal from a list of 23 options (I chose Captain Crunch Berries and Fruity Pebbles) along with one topping out of a list of 22 (I got Graham Cracker Crust). It was the perfect colorful, fruity and sugary breakfast treat.

Edie's Closet - Celebrate National Cereal Day with KITH Treats

Edie's Closet - Celebrate National Cereal Day with KITH Treats

If you're not into getting a "box" of cereal there a few other ways to enjoy your favorites in the form of milkshakes and/or ice cream swirls. You can also eat like your favorite athlete/celebrity with the exclusive Specials menu. You'll find curated cereal mixes from athletes like football wide receiver, Victor Cruz and fashion designer, Maxwell Osborne. Check out the full menu here.

Edie's Closet - Celebrate National Cereal Day with KITH Treats

I truly felt like a kid again about to watch Saturday morning cartoons with my bowl of Captain Crunch!

Edie's Closet - Celebrate National Cereal Day with KITH Treats

Edie's Closet - Celebrate National Cereal Day with KITH Treats

Jacket: Who What Wear for Target I Top: Zara (old) I Jeans: Uniqlo I Shoes: Charles by Charles David

Check out where you can find a KITH Treats near you here

*Photography by Jac'leen Smith.

I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon at Brooklyn Museum, enjoying the views from the rooftop deck and taking in Marilyn Minter's latest exhibition, Pretty/Dirty.

This latest display of Minter's work is a culmination of photos and videos that span from 1969 to the mid 80s, exploring the "dirty" truth behind the beauty industry's impact on our culture's perception of sex and the body. With images ranging from pornography (her way of taking back control of female sexuality) to highlighting human imperfections like pimples and armpit hair,  Minter's ability to showcase her point of view is both captivating and thought provoking.

Blazer: Zara I Top: Zara (on sale in store) I Jeans: Topshop I Shoes: ASOS - they're on sale!!

If you make it Brooklyn or already live in the area, head to Brooklyn Museum to see this exhibit. It's showing until April 2nd.

*Photography by Jac'leen Smith.
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