Friday, November 30, 2012

True Grace

Many may know the name Grace Coddington she is the creative director at Vogue magazine and breakout star from the revered documentary The September Issue.  Which chronicled what it takes to get out the largest most important issue of the year. Now at 71 she is showing no signs of stopping.

Grace stole the show during The September Issue, with her loud red hair but seemingly "graceful" techniques. There was no screaming at assistants or making interns freeze but a woman who knows this industry and is still fighting for and in it everyday. So it is very exciting that her memoir Grace is now available, in the book co written by Michael Roberts, she tells her story of growing up in London modeling and her growth in the industry and some fun antidotes about some well know photo shoots and a few name drops here and there.

And then of course if you that's not enough for you on December 6th, HBO will be premiering another documentary entitled, In Vogue: The Editor's Eye where different influential editors past and present speak about how they helped to develop the magazine over the decades. 


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