Saturday, December 8, 2012

H&M Shows Their Love of Recycling


H&M is pioneering a new recycle program that hopefully many other stores soon catch onto in the coming new year. After browsing the web last night I saw staring in February 2013 H&M will take in any donation of clothes in ANY CONDITION from ANY BRAND, in exchange for H&M vouchers. You'll get a discount for every bag donated. They will then take your donated clothes and recycle the fabric for some of your newest favorite H&M looks. 

It's a barter program, a top for a top, much better than the ancient eye for an eye. I am extremely excited about this new venture, not only does it help with preserving resources but who doesn't want to take those old pants in their closet and exchange them for a great new pair, no questions asked.

I will say, I am also a big fan of donating to those in need. There are so many less fortunate individuals out there who would die for those last season pants you only wore once, so my first thought would be go to your local salvation army and give. But if that top has a hole and you've worn down those pants to the point of no return, this February go to H&M!!

See you there!


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