Thursday, February 21, 2013

Latex and Kisses

Christopher Bailey mixed two types of women with his Fall 2013 presentation.  He gave us a woman who dresses up with beautiful button downs and sleek pencil skirts, but instead of cotton we got LATEX, and I personally loved it!

This collection as referred to by Bailey as "Trench Kisses"was a different side Burberry Prorsum, it was British kink in a way. I'll give you a pencil skirt but it will be sheer latex with heart designed bloomers underneath. I enjoyed the risk and the maturity of the show, how it starts off with these amazing latex trenches with fun colors and metal embellishments to towards the end of the show a broad stripes and A-line dresses. Even through this "British Kink" I never lost sight of the label and the message that Burberry Prorsum gets across each season and it made for a fun show.

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