Friday, February 8, 2013

Runway Report - BCBG Max Azria FW 2013

Effortless style is what we all try to attain.  To not think and just slip on that dress, throw on those tights, grab that jacket and run out the door, without a second guess and some how still look amazingly stylish.  Well this season BCBG Max Azria is giving you the opportunity to become "That Girl."

Limitless options were what Max and Lubov Azria want every woman to have.  The models strutted the runway in long shirtdresses, leather leg warmers, chunky sweaters; fur vests and hooded coats all in one look! But even with a lot going on the mood of the show was calm. All the models had a sense of nonchalance with hands in pockets, like wearing a knee length black and white fur jacket was an everyday occurrence. Which added to the feel of individualism as each piece looked as if it was found in some amazing market overseas that only a few know exist.  Each piece had a story to tell from the embroidered details on the knits, to the shear fabric and interesting patterns on the dresses. One leather jacket that stood out was black with white embroidery all around the front.

Because of the intricate patterns and textures, accessories are deemed unnecessary. Besides the knit scullies, the models only donned clutches while showing off their looks. The Azria family gave their clients what they wanted detailed pieces for their consumers and a number of different ways to pair them. 



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