Monday, March 4, 2013

To Mr. Weitzman, With Love

Dear Mr. Weitzman,

I'm sure your aware a shoe is very important to a woman. It supports you through your long walks, protects your soles against the elements, and never falters when your weight goes down or up.  A good shoe can be what a woman is the most hesitant to give away.

You understand a woman's logic when it comes to her feet and even though the saying goes, “Diamonds are Girl’s Best Friend” you know a shoe is not only her friend but more importantly her family.

As I walk around in my black 50/50 I know that from my toes to my knees I am comfortable and protected but just as importantly, stylish. And its not just an over the knee boot you’ve conquered but you’ve introduced me to a gaggle of new friends. For example, the SINCITY a great T-strap heel perfect for a date night or a night with the girls and one of my new favs, the Gladiator its an awesome strappy high boot that I can’t wait to show off this summer.

So thank you Mr. Weitzman, for making sure my foot’s life long companion is sturdy enough to take on the task of my day and beautiful enough to turn heads as I’m walking down the street. Thank you for making sure I’m not hobbling along the street because my shoe has been pinching my feet, or during a party I'm not removing my sole companions and leave them under the table to have a good time.

Whether its an oxford, pump, peep toe or boot your love of making a foot the center of an outfit makes me love you even more.

Your forever fan,

Edie’s Closet

So I had a crazy time last week and I was extremely drained but when I was in my writing class we were given a warm up exercise to write a love letter to one of our favorite brands. I thought who better than Stuart Weitzman, anyone else out there interested try it one day its a fun exercise :)

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