Thursday, April 11, 2013

SOS: Scarves of Summer

I think hair is the least manageable in the summer. We're hot so you sweat, the heat can dry out your hair and the humidity can make it limp.  Sometimes you just want it to move the way you need it to so you can go outside without the embarrassment.

Its easier than you think, a good scarf can save the day! It's a pop of color and shows creativity when you walk out the door with a beautifully styled wrap on your head. It also can make your outfit pop, going out in a tank and jean shorts are redone with a bright scarf wrapped around your locks.

Here are 3 great examples you should use this season:

1. Headband - an easy chic look, just pull your limp lock up into a bun or high pony and tie your colorful scarf around

2.  Turban- one of my favorite scarf looks, starting at the back of your head, cover all or part of your hair with the scarf and twist the front around and make a cool design.

3. Braids - use a thin scarf and simply braid it into your hair and style is anyway you want.

Let me know what you think and feel free to share any other scarf tricks you love!


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