Thursday, May 2, 2013

Great Gatsby!!

Prada, The Great Gatsby
Prada Soho Store
 This past Tuesday night Prada unveiled The Great Gatsby exhibit in their Soho store. Miuccia Prada and Catherine MartinBaz Luhrmann's wife and costume designer, helped to make the show stopping pieces to be seen when the movie hits theatres May 10th. 

Prada, Carey Mulligan, The Great Gatsby, Miuccia Prada
Photo courtesy of Instyle

Back in January Prada shared some of the original sketches for the motion picture.

Carey Mulligan, Prada, Soho Store, Gatsby Exhibit
Photo courtesy of WWD
Carey Mulligan seemed to be the guest of honor, already a huge fan of Prada she was recently quoted saying in Vogue magazine, "The people who work there are so lovely and really just non-scary fashion people." Which is a good thing that she's so comfortable with the brand as she plays Daisy Buchanan in the film and I'm sure has many different looks since her character is both very vain and very rich. 

Major designers working on films is nothing new, Jean-Paul Gaultier designed for The Fifth Element. I get excited when film and fashion collide because they are so similar, both are a great form of expression and who better bring out a character than a talented actor paired with a talented designer. 

The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite books growing up it's a classic and I can't wait to see this Baz Luhrmann interpretation. 

Also if you get a chance go to Soho and check out the Prada exhibit it will be up until May 12th!


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