Thursday, May 30, 2013

Portland Vintage

For Memorial Day weekend I had the pleasure of going to Portland, Oregon. Its gorgeous! The landscape is beyond words and having the opportunity to look in the horizon and see Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens was truly incredible.

Another great attribute to Portland is their vintage!
I'll be posting more of my trip tomorrow but here are some of the vintage spots I hit up during my weekend away.

 Xtabay- its a great little shop with an amazing collection of hats and dresses. I got this amazing sixties flower hat, check out more of their selection here.

xtabay vintage, edie's closet

xtabay vintage, edie's closet

Pink Retro Home & Fashion - is such a cool warehouse, its a mix of clothing, furniture, old appliances and toys (Star Wars figurines). It was so much fun just walking around, I just wished I could've taken some pieces home.  See more here.

Pink Vintage, Edie's Closet

Hollywood Vintage - known for their extensive collection of sunglasses. But what I didn't realize is its also a costume shop, in the back is a huge room filled with vintage clothes and elaborate costumes hanging everywhere. It's very overwhelming.

Hollywood Vintage, Edie's Closet

See what I mean :) And this is just one small corner

Hollywood Vintage, Edie's Closet

There was one other spot that had great jewelry, called Fringe Vintage.  I actually got this Taurus pendent, it was literally hanging there waiting for me :)

Fringe Vintage, Edie's Closet

More to come later!


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