Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jones vs Campbell

The Cut posted these great photos of Naomi Campbell and Grace Jones doing a pose-off on the red carpet at the Evian "Live Young" suite at Wimbledon. Two fashion, pop culture icons together, posing - that alone deserves a moment of your time.

I could never choose a winner if these two actually entered into a head to head pose-off. But this semi back bend Grace is doing is pretty amazing. Even upside down she gives a great "fashion face."

Here are some of my favorite poses from their past shoots

And just because I can I emulated one of Campbell's looks 

Edie's Closet, Naomi Campbell pic

Ha ha - ok so its not exactly Naomi quality and I'm no supermodel but it was fun pretending for the day! Suffice to say its pretty clear who won this particular pose-off :)


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