Monday, July 15, 2013

Discovering Vivian Maier

 Street Photography today is not an unknown phenomenon. We have street photographers for fashion, lifestyle, discovery you name it. Capturing moments of time is what makes photography so intriguing and so popular. It seems before the hype of the now popular trend a woman name Vivian Maier had it already on lock.

Vivian was ahead of her time and didn't even know it. She literally kept her photos and herself locked away in the attic and that it wasn't until her death that all her treasures were discovered. She is such a talent that I am so glad that her art never went to waste. Her photos are unique and reflect a time in New York and Chicago that weren't really documented before. All different types of life and environments are revisited in her photography and I would implore everyone to find out more about her.

Check out her site :


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