Monday, July 22, 2013

Styles for Comic Con

Styles for Comic Con

Comic Con is upon us, its a place for comic fanatics and movie lovers to come together to celebrate their favorite characters in different ways. Either they go to the movie Q&A or dress up as the characters they love and walk around. The dressing up is what always intrigued me, its a fun way to express yourself and isn't that all fashion is, EXPRESSION! So I may not have a character I want to emulate but the colors and freedom helped inspire some outfits.

Here are three different looks for the occasion:

1. Fashion Union bodysuit, Society of Chic Nautical Shorts, Puma Wedge Sneaker, ASOS Sick Hat
2. Jeremy Scott Bart Crop Top, SkunkFunk Harem Pant, Guiseppe Zanotti Sneakers
3. Dorothy Perkins Dress, Kenzo Platform Sandal

collage made on polyvore

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