Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Today I came across an article featuring Lauren Conrad's office makeover for her fashion label, Paper Crown.

The piece that caught my attention in this beautiful vintage, modern decor was the gold typewriter. It seems a little staged and a little too perfect I mean no matter how clear headed and old school you want to be what office is complete without a computer. I mean the perfection that comes with a typewriter, each mistake requires a lot of white out and a lot of patience.

But even through all the negatives, apart of me is still intrigued. There are some pros to going a more simplistic route. We are over saturated at times with social media and just the internet in general, also auto correct has kind of taken away the need to spell or complete thoughts. 

With a typewriter there's no distractions its just you and your thoughts. So here are some really cute and (some what) inexpensive typewriter choices for those of you who want to keep the vintage feel in your work space.

 Yellow Typewriter - $100

         Vintage Smith Typewriter - $40

 Remington Portable - $298
All these can be found here on Etsy. Happy Writing! 

*Lauren's office photo from Domainehome.com

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