Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Closet Revamp: Clothes = Art

I just saw the cutest video on WhoWhatWear about 3 easy ways to revamp your closet. Domaine Home and Leaftv collaborated to bring practical ways to change up your wardrobe. Any girl living in NYC knows how important closet space is, at times you are very limited so every inch counts. Especially if your like me and clothes are your obsession.

My friend summed it up perfectly one day when she was visiting and looking through my closet, she said "Your clothes are your Art." That one simple statement summed everything up, my clothes are my art.  I archive, save,  admire all my pieces so I want my "collection" in a safe clear area, and these ways are really great ideas.

I think my favorite one was the wall paper, but I probably wouldn't attempt it (too many horror stories about putting it up and taking it down).  

It's inspired me to get my DIY on and work on different ways to revamped my closet.


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