Monday, July 7, 2014

Finding The Perfect Fashion Sneaker

Growing up I was not a sneaker girl. I went to Catholic School so the only shoes my mom was concerned with were saddle shoes and after school play shoes, which were Payless Keds. I never complained because I liked them and it never occurred to me to want more. As I got older I was introduced to this entire world of sneaker enthusiasts and how important they really are to some.

Fashion has always had a major role in the sneaker world but until the Isabel Marant wedge sneaker, it was never to this proportion. Now everyone has a wedge sneaker or have stepped up their marketing game to get the fashionista girl who wears Christian Louboutin pumps to consider a cute sneaker to wear instead when she goes out.

I am one of them, not that I have Louboutins, but I was never onto walk out in sneakers unless going to the gym. But with so many great options appearing, especially after Karl Lagerfeld put them down the runway of his Spring 14 show I been looking at it all differently.

Here are some options I've been looking at and some tips on how to wear:

Hat - Forever 21; Dress - Zara; Sunnies - Shopbop; Sneakers - Bloomingdale's

Jumper - Zara; Hat - J.Crew; Bangles - Baublebar; Sneakers - Nike

Sunnies - Shopbop; Top - H&M; Shorts - H&M; Sneakers - Adidas

Top - H&M; Pants - Zara; Fanny Pack - American Apparel; Sneakers - Zara


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