Monday, August 25, 2014


Edie's Closet, AFROPUNK 2014

A weekend filled with music and tumblr fashion models can only mean one thing... its AFROPUNK Weekend! From Saturday to Sunday I was parked right at Commodore Barry Park enjoying it all. 

If your unfamiliar with the term "tumblr fashion models" I'll explain, its young, gorgeous people who wear amazing apparel that you normally only see during a photoshoot being sported all day at a festival. Some are low key and some are over the top but in any case its a great place to be for inspiration

My friends and I saw some amazing acts, like LOLAWOLF - Zoe Kravitz's band. Also on our way in we passed Cara Delevingne rushing in to catch Zoe's set.
Edie's Closet, AFROPUNK 2014, LOLAWOLF - Zoe Kravitz

We also saw singer SZA who was about an hour late by the way (no shade but next time arrive on time). Other acts not photographed were FISHBONE and the Internet

Edie's Closet, AFROPUNK 2014, SZA

I love coming to AFROPUNK, there are amazing vendors, great people, chill music and I don't have to leave Brooklyn.  If you have the opportunity next year come out for yourself! 

Edie's Closet, AFROPUNK 2014
Hat: Zara (old); Tee Shirt - For my favorite DJ - Mursi Layne get yours here; Short - Urban Outfitters; Shoes - Steve Madden (similar here)



  1. I really like the festival outfit
    from the hat to the original beautiful sunglasses

    I'll be following you on google+ and bloglovin



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