Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Grand Opening of NYFW SS15

Edie's Closet - The Grand Opening of NYFW SS15 - Lincoln Center

Aaaannddd here we go... the start of New York Fashion Week and I broke my cardinal rule when this season starts, I went to Lincoln Center with no other reason than to people watch. Here's the thing, I work in fashion, I am privy to the ins and outs so fashion week to me = stress!

 Good and bad stress. 
Good because all your hard work is finally out there, everything you've been obsessing over is finally fit in a 10-15 minute show for others to admire.
Bad because you work non stop before and after shows, its doesn't end when the bloggers wear your looks on their next post or even to the show, buyers come in for market week and orders are made, quotas need to filled then there's press, stylist/publicist come in and need looks asap for shoots and celebrities it doesn't end when the final model walks down the runway.  
So when I go to Fashion Week I want it to be for a purpose, either I'm supporting a brand or I'm going to honestly look at a collection and review.

But now Fashion Week has become more popular outside on the street than in, "Street Style" is what gets more press now than the actual garments.  Its a beautiful thing, but I wonder now what "Street Style" is -- I have had this conversation with a lot of people about how to not break the bank trying to look like your favorite blogger/editor because, they didn't. Outfits are gifted or borrowed so they can further advertise a line, so with all these preplanned looks being sent over what is street style. Shouldn't it be more organic, how you make an outfit look amazing with what you have? I'm not saying some bloggers or editors can't afford or just have certain pieces and aren't doing it themselves but in actuality a majority aren't. 

I don't know I'm not going to knock down anyone because I draw inspiration just like everyone else, and these bloggers might as well be celebrities, Aimee Song from Song of Style came out and nearly stopped traffic with the  amount of photographers following her, but as I was running around Lincoln Center trying not to get in the background of someone's shot I wondered how much of this was about Fashion and how much was about getting your 15 minutes after putting on the most outrageous thing you could find. 

Just a thought, but here are some great looks from this morning, though I will not be doing this very often it was nice to get out and see some fun looks for the day. 

Edie's Closet - The Grand Opening of NYFW SS15 - Lincoln Center

Edie's Closet - The Grand Opening of NYFW SS15 - Lincoln Center

Edie's Closet - The Grand Opening of NYFW SS15 - Lincoln Center

Please keep checking in with me I will be posting reviews of some of my favorite designers very soon!



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