Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thrifting in Bed-Stuy

Edie's Closet, Thrifting in Bed-Stuy

Sometimes it takes just walking around the block and you find all the best treasures. My friends and I had that type of afternoon, after stopping for some tea and coffee we took a walk.  I know me, sometimes I get tunnel vision and just walk exactly where I need to get too and don't stop to look around. So its easy to forget to check on what's going on up the street. 

Well I'm glad I stopped because there is a great thrift shop called Installation Brooklyn not far from my home that I really like. Listen, I know we all go into thrift shops hoping to find designer deals for super cheap (the fantasy of finding a Chanel bag for $15) that went out the window once all these places got popular but still some places still want to charge you more than department stores.  So Installation Brooklyn was cool because it has fun clothes without high price tags and its all extremely wearable. I mean sometimes you don't want to spend $50 on a dress, so cute shops like this are great and you can get a cute look for under $30. I ended up getting this bright graphic button up (probably from the 80s) and Margot, the owner, was so sweet she took my pic and put it on her instagram.

So take the time this weekend and look around your neighborhood, you'll be surprised what you find when you stop and say hello to your neighbors and go into a store you never looked in before. 

If your in Brooklyn check out Brooklyn Installation (917-330-2199) 433 Nostrand Ave.



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