Saturday, September 6, 2014


There were many moments through this collection where I’m sure there was a collective sigh at the beauty of these pieces coming down the runway. These clothes are for a girl’s girl, Nicky Zimmerman did an incredible job of bringing a light airiness to all her looks. Her use of sheer and lace as it breezed passed on each model gave a dream like effect, along with the juxtaposition of masculine style metallic suits and trenches with the traces of a flowy dresses, skirts and blouses peeking through. 
One of my favorite looks was a sleeveless romper in the design of a trench with a sheer floral blouse underneath. The styling was familiar and effortless from cinched waists, off the shoulder dresses and blouses and lots of layering. Overall I enjoyed this collection and with bloggers like Manrepellar’s Leandra Medine, Atlantic-Pacific's Blair Eadie and photographer/model/blogger Candice Lake in the audience I’m sure the blogger recreation will be amazing.

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