Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2 Ways to Style Out Your Fall Mini Skirt

Edie's Closet; Fall Mini, 1 skirt 2 ways

Just because Fall is upon us doesn't mean we have to put our skirts away ladies! I'm sure if you've been looking through the blog you know I have an affinity for a good midi skirt but I also have love for the mini too. 
I just found a great one at Zara recently that has beautiful pleating and a great color but another plus it has an elastic waist.  Because lets be honest every one gains a pound or two in the winter months (or at least I do) so its nice to know for the holiday season you can still grab that last slice of pie :) So now that you know you can get a great mini, you just have to be a little more creative in the colder months when wearing them. 
Today I wanted to show you TWO fun ways to style out your mini skirts so you can wear them all year long. 

I promise a little layering goes a long way! 

Look 1 or as I like to call it High Boot Chic:
Coat: H&M; Top: Topshop; Hat: Zara: Bag: Topshop; Boots: Aldo

Look 2 or as I like to call it Trendy Downtown Eclectic (too much?):
Coat: H&M; Turtleneck: Topshop; Pants: H&M; Bag: Topshop; Shoes: ASOS



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