Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cozy Cable

Sometimes you just want to be comfy! 

Well at least I do, its not about tucking and buttoning and squeezing into a "cute" outfit. Sometimes you want to throw on a comfortable look and just be no muss no fuss.

That's what this post represents, we're coming close to Thanksgiving and this is probably what I'll be wearing during the weekend (make sure to check out tomorrow's post for my dressy look) but today its all about comfort.

I was shopping through Marshalls and found this Jeanne Pierre cable sweater and fell in love, its so comfortable and best of all the cute front pockets, it goes perfect with a pair of sweat pants and a cute shoe. 

Sweater: Jeanne Pierre; Sweat Pants: Philip Lim for Target; Shoes: Doc Martens; Necklace: Anthropologie



  1. Cable knits are the best "turkey eating" wear out there! (:


  2. Obsessed with your boots! Cute sweater.

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