Monday, November 17, 2014

Does Anything Else Matter??

Ok so I don't normally do this, I'm not one of those super fans that likes to repost celebrities but when epicness happens you have to acknowledge it and this weekend nobody slayed more than Solange Knowles.

The most fashionable in the family in my opinion (Beyonce fans don't hunt me down) Solange has always danced to the beat of her own drum and I wouldn't expect anything less from her for her wedding weekend. But when I saw this picture, my jaw dropped it is an amazing fashion moment. All these women look beautiful and royal and powerful and I actually hope I see many recreations with weddings and birthdays because this is the BEST way to #BreaktheInternet!

If you want to see more of Solange's amazing all white wedding weekend to Alan Ferguson check out Harper's Bazaar but an easier option to see more, just #Solangewedding in Instagram or just go to your home feed I'm sure everyone has posted something.

That is all.

Tomorrow I will go back to my normal blogging schedule :)



  1. It's kind of strange to see anyone else wear white at the wedding but the bride, but this was really epic and they all looked so cool! I love Solange's dress.


    1. I know I'm the same way but still somehow with all of them in white, Solange still stands out! Her dress is amazing

  2. I adore Solange as an artist. I think she has such amazing talent.

    Styled By Noosh


  3. She is so talented!
    i think i like them both so im not going to hunt you down:p
    Loving this post


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