Monday, November 10, 2014

Let the Inner Cashmere Tiger Roar!

Hello Friends! 

Its Monday so I'd thought I'd start off the week with a Bang! or a Roar! I'm hoping that by having a cashmere tiger on my chest it will bring some fierceness for the rest of the week (we'll see)...

Also I'm super excited because I finally got back my vegan leather pants back from the cleaners. They go with about everything plus they're leggings so they are stretchy and comfortable. 

Sweater: Christopher Fischer; Pants: Missoni (old) but this skirt is amazing; Boots: Vince Camuto



  1. You look so comfy, yet your leather leggings add a bit of high fashion into such a casual look. Love it! May your week be as fierce as your tiger. (;

  2. Beautiful look, love your sweater. ;-)
    Have a nice week...

  3. Outfit & hair = gorgeous! Love the look :)


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