Monday, March 16, 2015

Cute Workout Gear On A Budget!

I love active wear and I'll admit sometimes it can be more about vanity than it's about practicality. But a lot of designers know this about women so they've combined both worlds. You can get trendy looks that work walking into the gym and out, but are still be practicable for whatever your needs. 

That doesn't mean it doesn't come with a price. I love some of the pretty printed pants from Nike and Adidas but I just can't in my mind make it ok to spend over $70 on one item that I'm going to sweat in! That's why I've listed some great places to pick up some designer pieces that won't hurt your budget. 

1. Fabletics: Kate Hudson's line that is super cute and practical. This is one of my favorite looks from her collection. Fabletics is all about deals and variety.  With options to buy two pieces for this price or three pieces for this price you get a full look for a great price which is hard these days because usually a pant is this much, a sports bra is this much and then a top, etc.

2. Target: I love Target you can get everything in one spot, perfect for multi-taskers! They have an amazing collection of active wear so everyone can find something they're comfortable wearing and for a great price.

3. Old Navy: Now don't stop reading... Old Navy has some great workout pieces and I LOOVE their sport bras. The print on this one is great!

4. Marshalls/TJ Maxx: These are my secret weapons when looking for new active wear. Because workout gear is becoming such a fad and everyone is looking for the comfort and style of these pieces, the stores are stocking up on the latest trends. So you can get that Nike yoga pant for 50% off or those designer tops for up to 60% off the original retail price. Next time you go shopping head to these stores and dig around you'd be surprise what you find. 

Tell me where you like to pick up your active gear!

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