Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Going Green For Spring!

I have a love/hate relationship with Daylight Savings Time. On the one hand I love having longer days. As someone who does suffer from seasonal depression when the sun sets at 4pm its horrible all I want to do is hibernate in my apartment. Now that the sun is out longer its easier to be social but on the down side that loss of an hour is killer!

Now I'm a serious coffee drinker but sometimes I do look for healthier options especially after I do a morning run. In the spirit of longer days and loss of an hour of sleep I wanted to find something other than my coffee fix to keep my eyes from drooping.

I came across Tone It Up. Its an amazing community of women lead by personal trainers Katrina and Karena that provide you weekly workouts, recipes and motivation for a healthier lifestyle. It's an incredible plan I joined last year and it can definitely be life changing. I would recommend you start their nutrition plan but if not they do have some great recipes they give you for free. Including this delicious Green Monster Smoothie.

Everything you need you can easily find in your own kitchen.

Its perfect for anytime of day but I love it in the morning for a great way to get that extra kick of energy.

Find the recipe here.

*opening image from toneitup.com



  1. Looks yummy


    1. It really is! Definitely try it out! -- thanks!

  2. I'm all about my green smoothies! Tone it Up sounds amazing! (:


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