Monday, March 9, 2015

Lets Trade. Top Sites For Buying and Selling Your Closet.

Buying and selling clothes is nothing new to any shoppers out there. I, myself, am an expert at shopping but when it comes down to selling my own clothes there has usually only been two options. 1. Throw away because I’ve worn them until there are holes and stains and I’ve just lived in it for so long no one else should dare touch it and 2. Donation. I am big about giving clothes away at least twice a year. I live in Brooklyn, where closet space is limited and trends change as fast as the passing taxis so to make room for the new you’ve got to get rid of the old.

With that in mind, why shouldn’t you make a little money off your previous pieces you loved enough to buy full price. Listen if you have a classic pant set that maybe you just can’t fit anymore or a jacket that you thought you loved in the store but maybe only wore once or twice you should help them find a new home and make a little bit of money on top of it.

Since Spring is around the corner and its time to start purging I have listed some of the top and most popular online sites for buying and selling your closet. 

1.  ebay

We all knew this would be first. An oldie but goodie. Set up your profile, a paypal account and take amazing pictures to show off your authenticity. Depending on your item and price you could make some good money through ebay.

It’s like a shoppable instagram. All you fashionistas or fashionistos can set up a profile and show off your clothes. People will follow you and like your posts and inquire about purchasing. I recently found out about this site through my roommate and she had a good experience only con it took awhile for people to purchase she got a lot of likes before someone finally came through.  

3.  Tradesy

Do you have some amazing designer pieces or just really nice apparel that you’re not willing to give up to a consignment shop for $10? This site is best for you.

Also keep in mind every town has a consignment or vintage shop I’m sure that will give you a deal through cash or store credit. I love Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange.


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