Thursday, March 5, 2015

Reminiscing On My Weekend in the Bahamas

Oh to be back there... (le sigh)

This past weekend I had a little mother/daughter trip on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship - Majesty of the Seas.  This weekend journey was three days from Miami to two islands in the Bahamas -- Coco Cay and Nassau. This New Yorker could not wait for this trip to happen, before I left there were highs of 22 degrees and lows of 9 degrees then following that there was snow storms. Though I have to admit my friends and I had so much fun in the last snow storm making snow angels and throwing snowballs (check it out here and here).

But alas a girl can only take so much so when the opportunity to let the sun warm my skin came up I took it no questions asked also this was my first cruise. It was great, although I did get a little sea sick on the day, the rocking man! Thank God for Dramamine :)

Here are some pics from our stops.

After boarding in Miami.

Views from our balcony - the picture doesn't do it justice the sunset was incredible to see. I definitely see the appeal from life at sea (once you get over the all the rocking).

Views from my seat on Coco Cay.

Yes that is a Rooster! There were wild roosters on the beach I guess it beats your average Seagulls.

Coming off our last stop in Nassau! Looking back at our boat and another gorgeous Norwegian cruise.

Leaving Nassau I loved this little Lighthouse and in the background Atlantis.

Until next time!


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  1. Beautiful photos!



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