Monday, June 8, 2015

Brooklyn to Bangkok: My Days Spent Roaming Around the City: Part 1

So, first, I went to Thailand. Yup! If you follow me on the gram (@candirain7) you already know this but in April I took the leap and got on that 20+ hour flight and went to Asia. My two week excursion including a couple days in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and finally a relaxing few days in Krabi where my friend and I explored the gorgeous islands in the surrounding area. Keep an eye out I will be going over every stop in the coming days but first Bangkok!

So after two days of travel including a four hour layover in Tokyo my friend and I landed in Bangkok by 1am, disoriented, tired and excited. I was overwhelmed to have finally made it. Here’s a little back story (cliff notes version) back in college I received a travel email about riding elephants in Thailand and as I researched it I immediately turned to my friend (the same one with me on the trip my college roommate Latanya) and said we have to go to Thailand -- cut to us 10 years later!

After checking into our hotel and getting settled our first real official outing was the Chatuchak Weekend Market. A HUUUGE market that has become a must see attraction in Bangkok, with around 15,000 vendors it was definitely overwhelming but so worth the visit.

From there we went to Octave a gorgeous rooftop bar, with amazing views of the city. It was the perfect way to end the evening. 

The next day was temple day! After taking the train to the boat shuttle we made it to Wat Pho a gorgeous Wat with a very big reclining Buddha. Then we visited the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and looked over at Wat Arun from across the water. It was an unbelievably hot day and we really couldn’t handle a lot of walking around so we ended up in a tuk tuk. Side note: be leery it was a fun ride but they definitely tried to scam us into buying things we didn’t want or need so just be smart.

On a whole other note that day was the first day of Songkran, for those unfamiliar Songkran in a Buddhist holiday for families and the tradition is to hit people with water. So once we got to Thailand we saw everyone with water guns. A little scary and exciting, we were trying to escape it a little during the day but once I got hit in the face with a bucket of water we knew it was pointless so we headed to Silom. It’s kinda like their Times Square where they had a parade of thousands of people walking under sprinkler systems, shooting water guns, water hoses and even water bottles at anyone who passes by. 

It was one of my most memorable nights, I feel everyone should try to get to Thailand for Songkran at least once just know you CAN’T stay dry.

The last day in Bangkok was spent at Ayutthaya, the origin capital of Thailand before it was destroyed by the Burmese army and Bang Pa-In the King’s summer home. Both locations were amazing and to just have a day to walk around and see it was beyond words.

We ended an amazing trip in Bangkok with a delicious dinner of street food and started packing up to head to Chiang Mai. Check back this week to hear about that, a little incentive this is where I met my favs, Elephants!!


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