Monday, July 27, 2015

My Day at the Brooklyn Museum

Happy Monday everyone! Its a brand new week to do with what you will, so make sure to make it count. I know I may sound a little inspirational/enthusiastic/annoying this Monday but some times its ok to be positive about this day and not put so much negativity towards the start of a new week. Its a blank canvas and to help you find that inspiration I want to share with you my day wandering around the Brooklyn Museum with my friend on Saturday. 

It was the perfect day to walk around the exhibits and get lost in the art.

First up was KAWS: "ALONG THE WAY", the Brooklyn-based artis, KAWS, created these eighteen foot tall wooden statues that take on the appearance of childhood cartoon characters. This isn't my first encounter with these creatures I saw them awhile back at the Mary Boone Gallery, check it out here and here.

Still it was good to once again not be the tallest one in the room and see my old friends again :)

We then made our way to FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds. I was like a kid on Christmas morning with this interactive exhibit. Not only is it stimulating and interesting but you can actually play. This exhibit is a large arcade filled with pinball machines and other old school video games. Created by Brooklyn-based artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller its meant to raise questions about "consumer culture, religious traditions and the urban environment," as stated by the Brooklyn Museum.

It was a major highlight of the day. 

There was also a sneaker exhibit called The Rise of Sneaker Culture that pretty much chronicles of a sneaker from the very beggining. I'm not a sneakerhead so I couldn't tell you if this was the best or not. But I did enjoy it, I liked reading about the different design behind the sneakers.


And finally we ended up on the floor with all the abstract art. Thus this photo was born and I love it. 

Remember it's Monday: Don't be like these Pussies :)

If your in the area make sure to check out all these exhibits at the Brooklyn Museum.

*Anyone interested in my look: Pants: Zara (old) love the print on these, Top: TOPSHOP (old) but this one's fun, Cape: ASTR from Nordstrom, Shoes: Steve Madden (old).


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