Monday, August 10, 2015

How To Spend a Day at Coney Island

My way of taking a stylish swim in an imaginary sea :)

I spent the day walking around Coney Island this past weekend. It was my friend's first time going and I haven't been in around two summers so it was a great opportunity to rediscover the area and along the way I found some treasures I didn't expect!

First up the wall art around Coney is amazing. It was something that I didn't expect. Last time I was at Coney I spent too much time eating at Nathan's and riding sketchy coasters at Luna Park so I missed out on the beautiful murals both on and off the boardwalk. Read more about it here.

So I have red hair now (yay!) and I feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid! Since I was three I've been wishing for a mermaid fin to miraculously appear while I was in the bathtub (part of me is still waiting) so this mural made me feel right at home - you know except for the huge skeleton.

After walking the boardwalk I decided to check out the pier. The views were definitely worth the walk, there amongst all the fishermen you get the best views of the beach. 

I love seeing Coney on days like this, filled with families enjoying a beautiful day. It was like a scene off a postcard.

Yeah, so, this coaster... I thought about it, but then I said ... no. I just couldn't muster up strength to get in line. But the rides at Luna Park are definitely something everyone should do once in life. It's all fun!

Smorgasburg is now in Coney! So for those who don't know what that weird word is and what it means. Smorgasburg is an area filled with delicious food from multiple different restaurants. These fries from Frites were the bacon, ranch, chipotle flavor. It was AMAZING!!

I never hated Coney but it wasn't somewhere I had to go but after giving it another chance I now realize how much I was missing. Coney Island is a great spot to bring family, friends and dates. You don't even need to sit on the beach you can walk the boardwalk and find plenty to do. 

Next time your in the area and need something fun to do, head to Coney. Also get there before summer is over, they have movies on the beach as well as fireworks every Friday night until Labor Day.



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