Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Taking Time to Find Your Inner Peace

Hi All!
This past weekend was really one of peace for me. I decided to sleep in and really just allow myself to go with the flow and not schedule anything. It was the perfect thing to do as the last couple weekends have been kind of hectic, i.e AfroPunk but during my walks and and conversations with friends I realized how much I needed to find some inner peace. Have you ever felt like you've lost direction or drive and need to re-evaluate? 

I'm kind of in that place right now. The one thing everyone will always say about me is I am a very ambitious person. When I put my mind on something there's no stopping me from achieving it but lately I feel like I've lost that drive. This blog has always been a driving force for me a place where I can really creatively blossom but its been hard to blog because of writers block and just a lack of drive/inspiration. 

This weekend I came across this small public garden in my neighborhood and in this small green oasis I really started to think about how I can find my inner peace. With so much noise around me from working in NYC, to constant events, parties, distractions in general sometimes its really easy to loose yourself in other things. I feel like I've lost focus and I have to come back. 

After a long discussion in Propect Park with friends about relationships this past Sunday, someone suggested writing down a list of things you want and need out of a relationship. Qualities that are necessary for you because how can you go for something when you're not sure of what you want. I decided to use that tactic not only in romantic situations but life. I took the time to write out a list of what makes me happy, what will keep me stimulated and inspired. 

In doing this simple exercise I noticed I felt a lot better. Seeing my words on the page was therapeutic in a way.

I mean I guess that's why everyone journals and I do too... to an extent. I always make a couple months before I stop because once again life gets in the way but I think I'm going to really put an effort in trying again. 

For anyone else looking for peace in any form here are 5 simple ways by taking a couple minutes to an hour out of your day to find that inner zen/peace. 

1. Keep a journal - easy enough, right? My mother always taught me to never hold in my feelings, if I can't say it, write it. 

2. Meditate - now this is something I'm no expert on but I have plenty of friends that love to meditate. It takes a lot of practice to quiet the mind but once you start, from what I'm told its something you never want to stop.

3. Just Breath - Sometimes things pile up on you, its gonna happen, stepping away and taking deep breaths can be just what you need to come back and refocus.

4. Classes/Hobbies - Find something special just for you, whether your friends are into it or not and take an hour once a week and do a cooking class, join a book club, take a painting class (those wine and painting classes sound like so much fun).

5. Exercise - I know, I know don't roll your eyes at me, I'm serious! Losing yourself in a run, sweating it out in a cardio class can really relieve stress and help you look and feel 10X better.

So cheers friends to finding your inner zen, getting through writers block or just looking for a little inspiration. I hope this post was helpful to anyone feeling the same way. 



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