Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Night Spent Camping at Minnewaska State Park

Call me a wilderness girl, I went camping!! Well I'm not really a wilderness girl, actually not at all but I did spend a weekend out in nature and LOVED every second of it.

A few friends and I spent the weekend in Minnewaska State Park at the Sohi campgrounds and spent a day hiking to Stony Kill Falls

I'm not a hiker, I don't even have proper boots, but after some extensive research a lot of "professionals" suggest that a good pair of sneakers are fine especially when your not doing serious climbing. So thank you to my Rykas for keeping my feet supported and comfortable through out the day.

Right before we reached the falls we climbed up on this rock where we found this smaller rock pyramid. My friend said we had to contribute, so luckily I was able to find a pebble small enough to set on top.

After a long uphill hike and I finally make it to Lake Minnewaska!

This was the true highlight of our trip for me. This was at the top of the Stony Kill waterfall. Obviously the water was not in a heavy current so we were able to go to the edge and take in this breathtaking view. I could have stayed up there all day.

A blazing fire by at our campsite. It was literally the only light we had beside flashlights on our phones.

It was an amazing weekend and stay tuned because before we made our way back to Brooklyn we made a stop at the Storm King Art Center, which is a gorgeous park filled with amazing art pieces. 

Check back with me soon!!

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