Saturday, October 17, 2015

Outdoor Art at Storm King Art Center

Who's that peaking behind a huge art sculpture at Storm King Art Center? Keep scrolling to find out about my amazing day spent looking at art and taking in nature in upstate New York.

Well in case you missed it, it was me peaking out of this gorgeous piece of abstract art! It was the first structure we saw once we entered Storm King Art Center. 

Before I go further for those who are not familiar let me give you some background on this amazing show of art. Storm King is a sculpture park that's been around for about 50 years! Its about an hour drive outside of NYC in the lower Hudson Valley. This 500-acre landscape holds over 100 unique sculptures.

I had never heard of Storm King until my friend mentioned we would be stopping there on our way back into the city after our camping trip (see the camping trip/hike here). After learning about it I couldn't wait to explore the grounds. 

I mean its not often I get to see views like this! Which in my opinion is just as amazing as these sculptures. 

That being said it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy these amazing sculptures! I don't have nearly enough photos to show off these amazing pieces.

This "Pink Ladies" fountain was one of my favorites. 

This view took my breath away. Maple Allee Way. Imagine just looking downhill and seeing this, there were no words, it's perfection!

So much so, that of course we had to run towards it! I'm so glad I didn't fall because I am a clumsy girl and running downhill with twigs and rocks, it could've been a disaster LOL!

A favorite shot of my friends and I, don't we look like we belong on the cover of a 90s folk album! 

This weekend was amazing for many reasons but I think being able to look out at this view really took the cake. As I've mentioned I'm not an outdoor girl. I barely made it through sleep away camp, but I may need to rethink my stance because this weekend really opened my eyes and just being a part of it was beyond incredible.

If you have the time or can take a weekend trip, go to Storm King Art Center! Take in the views for yourself.



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