Monday, January 30, 2017

Edie's Closet Travels to Houston

I'm taking over the USA! Well, not really but I am all about visiting different places and somehow Texas was on that list. I have a friend who recently relocated there for work so I thought there's no better time to cross Houston off my bucket list! 

After confirming some dates and an amazing sale on tickets through United Airlines I was on my way. Check out my long weekend in one of Texas' most diverse, colorful and amazing cities... Houston!

First Stop: Galveston Island!

Galveston Island is a small island right off the coastline of Houston in the Texas Gulf Coast. It's a charming beach island with vibrant houses, plenty of bars and a boardwalk carnival. Its beautiful BUT of course I went on a very, very foggy day!  After being in the car for about an hour we decided to make the best of the day and explore, even though we couldn't really see more than five feet in front of us.

Even with our weather trouble Galveston is still a beautiful place to hang out. I walked out onto one of the many stone peninsulas and just looked out into the mist and felt completely at peace. Also living in Brooklyn, having the ability to go to a beach in January is always a treat.

I would definitely recommend going and I will be going back, preferably on a sunny day :)

Second Stop: Biscuit Home!

Biscuit Home is actually a charming bedding store located in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston. Although, their furniture and interior design is not the only reason people come to visit because on the side of their building they have a rainbow paint wall. It is a very popular site in Houston as I was doing my research on the 'gram (follow me at @ediescloset_) before I headed down that way I knew it was a spot I needed to visit.

The entire Montrose neighborhood was one of my favorite spots. It reminded me a lot of Brooklyn. It was a very modern and diverse area with great coffee shops, bars, shops, and restaurants...speaking of food - if you are there you must go to Biskit Junkie!

Third Stop: The Third Ward!

Besides being Beyonce's home town the Third Ward also is where you can find an enlightening exhibition, Project Row Houses. Its a street of stack houses that all represent something different to the black community along with preserving some of the Houston's black history. The gentrification of these neighborhoods is not only displacing some of the original inhabitants but its also erasing a lot of the history of these places and how they came to be.

It was eye opening and very familiar. Living in Brooklyn the last eight years I too have seen massive changes in my neighborhood in a very small amount of time and although change is good and we must all evolve I don't think that has to mean loosing the essence and soul of a neighborhood.

Fourth Stop: The Heights!

The Heights in Houston is a quaint and eclectic part of the city. Here is where you can find tons of cute vintage and neighborhood shops. Unfortunately we visited this area on a Sunday where most of the shops were either closed for the day or closed early so I didn't get to go into a lot of spots but I did find another fun mural (see above). It was also a nice spot to walk around and window shop.

Fifth Stop: The Galleria!

You know I couldn't go to Houston and not go to the Galleria. That is a must-see when you get there also I'm originally from New Jersey so I live and breath malls :) The Galleria was impressive they have an ice skating rink inside and plenty of stores that range from designer to budget. Its a great way to get some exercise and find a cute look. 

Another spot I wanted to see was the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park outside of the mall. It was something to behold and surprisingly very calming, after taking a few pics we sat on a bench nearby and just watched tourists and workers on their lunch break come hang out around the wall. It was the perfect way to end a jam packed long weekend before my very early flight the next day.

Ok now to the good stuff! FOOD! Because food is a major staple in Houston and its ALL good, here are some highlights:

Tacos A Go Go: Located downtown so after hitting up a club or bar head straight therefor a good late night snack. The tacos are delicious and I loved my chicken quesadilla!

Biskit Junkie: As I mentioned above, located in Montrose it was amazing and very crowded but I love that the staff is very friendly, helpful and quick so I didn't wait long for my food at all. The chicken biscuit was .... no words. It was delicious also when I go back I will definitely try the chicken and waffles stack, it was a popular order that looked delicious every time it came out.

The Breakfast Klub: Located Downtown, if you go to Houston and don't go here its almost like a waste of a trip. I'm serious. The food was OUTSTANDING! If you enjoy down south comfort food this is the only place you are going to want to eat at. I had the chicken and grits my friend had the pancakes and chicken, see the photo above, no other words are needed, besides Your Welcome! 

That's all for now folks! I would definitely recommend visiting Houston and I will obviously be back to visit my friend, eat some more but also there's still so much to see. I still have to get to Dallas and Austin. 


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