Monday, February 6, 2017

Rosy Disposition: My Top Beauty Skincare Must-Have

It's coming up roses!!

I have scoured the internet, Googled top face creams and masks, read both beauty editor's and Sephora reviews trying to find the right beauty products and you know where it got me? Even more confused than when I started. The truth is there are so many different products out there and everyone's skin type is so different the options will drive you crazy! But after many samples and a truck load of trial and error I think I've found the perfect regimen and hopefully this is helpful to you too.

It all came down to ROSES. No really! Roses have had major beauty benefits for thousands of years. What I already knew: This delicate flower is the epitome of luxury. What I didn't know is how beneficial it is for my skin from toning, soothing (anti-inflammatory), moisturizing and of course nice and fragrant. Also it pretty much works for all skin tones.

So I ended up getting a gorgeous bottle of Measurable Difference Rose Hip Oil that is filled with vitamin E and C that I absolutely love using every morning. It's a great scent and it keeps my face, neck and shoulders moisturized all day.

Now side note: I have oily skin ESPECIALLY in the summer. My face literally melts so I wear close to nothing during the warm months.

A quick tip to others in my boat you can totally still use oils they are amazing moisturizers, cleansers, etc but just avoid the T-Zone (the forehead and bridge of your nose). Also you don't need a lot, I use up to three drops for everything.


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