Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Top Five Spring 2017 Trends

Get ready for Spring now! 

I'm kicking off the new season with this oversized Zara shirt. It encompasses some of my favorite styles for the season from embroidery to vibrant color. It's the perfect addition to my growing spring wardrobe. 

Keep scrolling, I'm breaking down FIVE of my favorite spring trends that you can purchase now and most importantly won't break the bank!

1. Stripes:

Play around with patterns this spring and shop one of the season's top trends - STRIPES! I'm usually a little leery of stripes. They are a tricky style to wear, depending on the size of the stripes, along with the color and direction, they can be unflattering on certain body types. My tip is not to let this style overpower your overall look.

**I would suggest wearing this trend as just a jacket, skirt or a wide leg trouser - keep it in small doses!

2.  Utilitarianism:

Military chic, khaki and utility are all different ways to describe this ever-popular trend. Now is the time to pull out the army green, structured jackets and skirts for the season. In my opinion, it's probably the easiest trend to incorporate into your daily wardrobe.

3. Shaped Shirting:

Forget about your basic button down shirts; jazz it up with unusual shapes. Whether you go off the shoulder, ruffled or oversized, this trend will bring some personality to your spring look for both work and play.

4. Bra Top:

Remember when having a bra strap show was a big no, no? Well times have changed and now your bra is the main attraction. Noted, this is great for the beach or a night out but for the average girl, just busting out in a bra (pun intended) is not something we can do. So layer it, either over your favorite top or under a jacket to incorporate this latest trend into your everyday look.

5. Corset Details:

Well ladies, no need to suck it in any longer! Corsets are all the rage for spring with different styles ranging from tops to dresses. It's the perfect opportunity to show off that hourglass figure!

Top: Zara I Skirt: Nordstrom (old) I Boots: See my post here

Do you have any trends you're looking forward to for spring/summer? Let me know in the comments below! 

*Photography by @sunny_josephine.

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