Thursday, March 2, 2017

Marilyn Minter x Brooklyn Museum

I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon at Brooklyn Museum, enjoying the views from the rooftop deck and taking in Marilyn Minter's latest exhibition, Pretty/Dirty.

This latest display of Minter's work is a culmination of photos and videos that span from 1969 to the mid 80s, exploring the "dirty" truth behind the beauty industry's impact on our culture's perception of sex and the body. With images ranging from pornography (her way of taking back control of female sexuality) to highlighting human imperfections like pimples and armpit hair,  Minter's ability to showcase her point of view is both captivating and thought provoking.

Blazer: Zara I Top: Zara (on sale in store) I Jeans: Topshop I Shoes: ASOS - they're on sale!!

If you make it Brooklyn or already live in the area, head to Brooklyn Museum to see this exhibit. It's showing until April 2nd.

*Photography by Jac'leen Smith.

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